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Sigma Risk and International Cyber Threat Taskforce (ICTTF) has joined forces to fight our battle against cybercrime through education supported by practical insights into identification, evaluation and mitigation of possible cyber threats. Sigma Risk is London based consulting and advisory firm specialising in financial crime compliance risk assessment and mitigation. Sigma Risk is ICA accredited training firm holding proven expertise in designing and delivery of immersive training programmes for institutions around the world. ICTTF is Dublin based firm championing in cyber risk assessment committed to fostering collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing since more than a decade.

By 2021, global cybercrime damages will amount to $6 trillion per year, $500 billion per month, $115.4 billion per week, $16.4 billion per day, $684.9 million per hour, $11.4 million per minute, and $190,000 per second. (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2020). The average cost of a cyber-attack for an organisation is $13 million.
"Dealing with a cyber-attack is far more difficult than preventing it from happening at the first place. Modern day criminals don’t attack with guns to steal or rob, they carry out cyber-attacks using technology."
This masterclass will prepare the delegates with a fundamental understanding on how to prevent, detect, contain and recover from cyber breaches in order to keep their firm and clients safe from cyber criminals attempting to steal confidential information or to cause disruption to their business. Delegates will assess different threat actors, their motivations, and key techniques in order to better prepare themselves to understand and manage cyber risk strategically within their business. We shall be unwrapping number of cyber-attacks as case studies with the view to understand why the victim organisations were attacked and what could have been done to prevent the breach.
We explore how to identify, analyse, manage, and report the associated risks of these links to the business. On completion of this Masterclass, students will be encouraged to apply the learning points to their daily function and champion cyber security for their team and wider business, remaining aware of potential threats and educating their peers on how to take a proactive mindset to the cyber-security of their business.


Key Learning Objectives

Identify different threat actors
& their motives
Key techniques utilized by
 cyber criminals
Understand key global cyber security standards, regulations, laws and frameworks
Discover different types of cyber-attacks e.g., malware and ransomware etc.


Delivered by Paul C Dwyer, president of ICTTF who is recognised as world’s one of the foremost experts on cyber security, risk and privacy; Cyber Risk Assessment Masterclass is designed to equip you with the valuable knowledge and understanding around cyber threats. Paul has proven expertise in cyber risk mitigation, having held several key positions as expert advisor for The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), UK Defence Committee in Parliament (DEFCOM), National Counter Terrorism Security Officer (NaCTSO), UK National Crime Agency Industry Group and several governments around the world.

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27th January 2022
Cyber Risk Assessment Masterclass

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