About The Event

Our flagship event is the annual “EU Cyber Summit.” 

Every year we develop our format and  focus on a  key theme, this enables us to bring the virtual community to the real world. With support of cyber leaders around the world, we continue to deliver the most compelling content and create a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge transfer.

2020 marks our tenth anniversary and we are using the opportunity to focus on “innovation” and explore how innovative thinking and innovative solutions can help defeat the “bad guys”.

“The theme for our 10th Anniversary in 2020 is INNOVATION”

When we founded the ICTTF in 2010, the concept itself of forming a community of “good guys” was an innovation that the industry embraced. Our motto of “Ní neart go cur le chéile” (There is No Strength Without Unity) is still a key principle. Annually showcasing Ireland’s cyber innovators on a global stage is something, we take pride in.

This Year is Our 10th Anniversary

“We look forward to meeting you at this year’s EU Cyber Summit at City Hall, Dublin on Oct 15th 2020”

Rhonda Reihill

VP of Operations

EU Cyber Summit 2020

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