Embrace Digital Resilience: Become a DORA Compliance Officer

Nov 22 / Paul C Dwyer

In the fast-evolving financial sector, the importance of digital operational resilience has never been more critical. With the implementation of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), the role of a DORA Compliance Officer has become pivotal in ensuring that financial organisations not only comply with regulatory requirements but also safeguard their digital assets effectively. At the ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy, we understand the urgent need for skilled professionals in this domain, especially for those in senior roles who might not have a deep cyber background.

The Rising Demand for DORA Compliance Officers

The financial sector is at the forefront of digital innovation, making it a prime target for cyber threats. DORA's comprehensive framework mandates robust ICT risk management, demanding a specialised skill set. Here’s where the role of a DORA Compliance Officer becomes indispensable. These professionals are not just compliance experts; they are the sentinels guarding against cyber threats, ensuring resilience, and maintaining operational integrity in the face of digital disruptions.

Inside the DCCS+ Bundle

Our DCCS+ Bundle is meticulously crafted for senior employees in the financial sector. This comprehensive package includes:

- CCRS (Certified Cyber Risk Specialist) - A comprehensive program designed for non-technical students. It covers a wide range of topics, from the identification of cyber risks to various risk management options. Aimed at equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to protect digital assets and lead or support the implementation of a cyber risk framework.

- NCSE (NIST Cyber Security Expert) - This course is designed to teach the essentials of establishing and operationalising a cyber security program based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. This non-technical syllabus, ideal for business leaders and cyber security practitioners, provides a holistic and pragmatic approach to understanding fundamental cyber risk management concepts and effectively leveraging the NIST Framework for practical implementation and operation. The course is structured to be accessible for learners at all levels, requiring no prior cyber security knowledge

- DCCS (DORA Certified Compliant Specialist) - The DCCS DORA Certified Compliance Specialist course, accessible at www.doratraining.eu, is a comprehensive program consisting of 10 modules, designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the DORA Regulation and their obligations under it. The course offers 24/7 access to all training materials, supplemented with live learning support sessions, facilitating a thorough grasp of DORA’s framework and compliance requirements

Why Choose the DCCS+ Bundle?

Learning at Your Pace:

Time is precious, especially for senior professionals in the financial sector. The DCCS+ Bundle acknowledges these time constraints by offering a flexible learning experience. Designed to accommodate your schedule, the bundle allows you to learn at your own pace. With access to all courses for six months, including live online training sessions, you can balance your professional commitments while mastering crucial skills in ICT risk management and DORA compliance.

Your Gateway to DORA Compliance Mastery:

The DCCS+ Bundle transcends traditional course offerings; it's a holistic learning path guiding you towards becoming a skilled DORA Compliance Officer. Beyond understanding the intricacies, you'll gain the capability to effectively manage ICT risks aligned with DORA compliance requirements. This proficiency is highly sought after in today’s digital financial landscape, positioning you as a valuable asset in the industry.

Great Bundle Price for Big Savings:

Maximize your investment in professional development with our DCCS+ Bundle, offering not just unparalleled learning but also substantial savings. Take advantage of a great bundle price that ensures you acquire essential skills at a fraction of the cost compared to individual courses. It's a strategic and cost-effective way to elevate your expertise in ICT risk management and DORA compliance while keeping your budget in check.

Paul C Dwyer is the ICTTF President, recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts on cyber security, risk and privacy.
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