2024 Schedule


Some Feedback from Delegates and Sponsors

Event Held: March 27th 2024 - Dublin and Online -DORASUMMIT.EU


NOV 7TH AND 8TH 2024 - 09:00-17:00 GMT
The Pinnacle of Cyber EducationOver two transformative days, the summit will convene over 1,000 delegates from around the globe, connecting them with 50+ distinguished experts, innovators, and solution providers. Participants will immerse themselves in an educational journey culminating in the prestigious Certified Cyber Compliance Specialist (CCCS) qualification – a mark of true expertise in the field.Welcome to the 2024 EU Cyber Summit, the premier event for advancing the digital economy under the umbrella of robust EU legislation. Since 2011, hosted by the ICTTF—International Cyber Threat Task Force, we've spearheaded discussions that shape cybersecurity standards across Europe.

This year, we're embracing new EU regulations that not only protect but also empower businesses and innovators in the digital domain. Join us to connect with industry leaders, policy makers, and tech visionaries, all collaborating to forge a secure, thriving digital future for Europe. Don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of cybersecurity and digital economy discourse at the EU Cyber Summit!

EU CYBER SUMMIT 2024 - Conference and ExpoThe International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) cordially invites you to the pivotal event of the year – the EU Cyber Summit 2024. With over a decade-long legacy of pioneering the most influential and innovative events in cybersecurity, we are charting a new course in cyber education with our most ambitious format yet.

DORA Community Event: Ready for RTS Docs? BBQ

July 18th 2024 - 14:00-20:00 GMT

Ready for the Latest RTS Documents? Join us for an exclusive gathering of industry leaders and experts at the upcoming DORA Community Event on July 18th, 2024.

This select in-person educational and network event, is set to take place the day after the release of the latest batch of Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) documents. 

The event will kick off with a comprehensive briefing from Paul C  Dwyer, President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force, who will summarise the newly released RTS documents and provide insights into the current state of DORA compliance.

Following the briefing, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in interactive expert panel sessions. These sessions are designed to foster dialogue and allow attendees to pose questions directly to renowned DORA compliance experts.

The day will conclude with a summer BBQ, offering a perfect setting for networking with peers and discussing the insights gained throughout the day. This event is tailored specifically for those tasked with navigating the complexities of DORA compliance, providing them with essential information and strategies needed for the upcoming implementation in January 2025.


July 17th 2024 - 15:00-16:00 GMT
On July 17th, 2024, the financial sector is invited to DORA DAY II, a webinar marking a significant step towards enhanced digital operational resilience with the introduction of the second batch of policy products by the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Following the successful DORA DAY I and one year after DORA Go Live Day, this event promises to deepen the understanding of new regulatory and technical standards, including incident reporting and testing frameworks. Designed for compliance specialists, professional service providers, consultants, and other stakeholders navigating DORA compliance, the webinar will cover the latest standards, incident reporting requirements, resilience testing methodologies, and compliance strategies. The session also includes an interactive Q&A with experts, making it essential for EU financial sector professionals, ICT and cybersecurity professionals, risk management officers, and senior management aiming to enhance their cyber defense mechanisms and ensure seamless compliance with evolving regulations.

President's Fireside: DORA and the Financial Sector

June 12th 2024 - 09:30-10:30
Join Paul C Dwyer, President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force for an online fireside chat with Pekka Dare, President of the ICA International Compliance Association as they discuss the DORA Digital Operational Resilience Act and its impact on the financial sector not just in Europe but globally. They will also explore the opportunities for education and career advancement as the financial sector focuses on improving and "proving" resilience. 

MORNING INSIGHTS: Harnessing DORA for Operational Resilience with Cyber Risk International

May 16th 2024 - 09:30-12:30
Visit www.cri.ie to register your interest. Please note this event is for senior members of the financial sector that are responsible for DORA compliance. It is NOT suitable for sales people or consultants.


We are thrilled to invite you to our Breakfast Briefing: "Morning Insights: Harnessing DORA for Enhanced Operational Resilience," hosted by Cyber Risk International. This event will be led by Paul C Dwyer, CEO of CRI, a recognized authority in cybersecurity, risk, and compliance. Paul is not only the author of "Navigating DORA - A Financial Executive's Roadmap to Compliance and Resilience" but also the creator of the esteemed DCCS (DORA Certified Compliance Specialist) course.

Event Highlights:

• Expert Guidance: Learn from Paul C Dwyer's extensive experience as he outlines strategic approaches to measuring and managing DORA compliance projects. His insights will provide you with a clear roadmap for navigating the complexities of compliance and operational resilience.
• Interactive Learning and Tools Showcase: Experience first hand the innovative CRI DORA Compliance Support Service, including on-demand training, live workshops, and cutting-edge tools like the DORAGPT, dubbed the "Swiss Army knife of DORA Compliance."
• CyberPrism Audit Demonstration: Discover how CyberPrism Audit, a SaaS-based cyber risk assessment tool, integrates with the NIST CSF and offers a specialized DORA Compliance Module. This tool provides essential analyses, dashboards, and comprehensive reports to streamline your compliance processes.
• Question the Experts: Interact directly and ask questions in relation to cybersecurity, risk and DORA compliance.

Who Should Attend? This briefing is designed for CISOs, C-level executives, senior management, and compliance professionals within the financial sector who are tasked with overseeing or implementing DORA compliance strategies.

What to Expect: Attendees will gain not only strategic knowledge but also practical insights into effectively managing a DORA compliance project. This session is perfect for those looking to enhance their operational resilience while ensuring compliance with DORA regulations.

Join us for an informative morning filled with actionable insights and network with peers over breakfast. Secure your spot today to learn how to transform regulatory challenges into strategic opportunities for your organization!

T200.org - "Beyond Borders and Boundaries:
Leading the Charge in Digital Resilience Under DORA"

MAY 10th 2024 - 17:00-18:00
In an era where digital threats loom large and operational resilience is non-negotiable, the European Union’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) stands as a beacon of regulatory foresight. With a compliance deadline of January 17, 2025, DORA extends its reach far beyond the confines of the European financial sector, casting a wide net over ICT supply chains and global financial entities operating within Europe.

This ground breaking legislation mandates a comprehensive approach to digital resilience, encompassing not only financial institutions but also their critical third-party service providers, thus reshaping the landscape of international finance and technology.  

As we stand at the precipice of this regulatory evolution, the imperative for C-level technology executives is clear: leadership in technology and risk management is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. This presentation, "Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Leading the Charge in Digital Resilience Under DORA," seeks to equip you with the insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of DORA compliance.

Through a detailed exploration of DORA’s broad scope, we will delve into its implications for the global financial sector, the critical role of the ICT supply chain, and the undeniable impact on operations beyond Europe's borders.  

Join Paul C. Dwyer, a renowned cybersecurity, risk, and compliance expert, as he unveils the layers of DORA and its significance for your organization. This session is not just about understanding the legal mandates; it’s about grasping the leadership challenge in fostering an environment of digital operational resilience.

Learn the key elements of DORA compliance, the strategic importance of effective technology leadership, and the proactive measures your organization must adopt to not only comply but thrive in this new regulatory era.   Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of digital resilience. Prepare your organization for the future, today.

 Cyber Expo Ireland & Cyber Con Ireland

April 18th 2024 - 09:00-17:00
Paul C Dwyer, President of the ICTTF will deliver an opening keynote and closing presentation at this prestigious event hosted and organised by Renaissance. Renaissance, Ireland’s leading Data Security Distributor is delighted to introduce our annual Cyber Data and Compliance Expo & Conference. As usual, we will be bringing together the whole cyber ecosystem- exhibitors, resellers, end users, IT experts and general business thought leaders keen to understand what they can do to mitigate security risks to their business. Cyber Con Ireland will allow the ability to hear case studies of how technology has been applied in different industries, and to speak to multiple Security Experts on a 1-1 for advice, guidance and demonstrations of the solutions – all in the one location and only taking a few hours is a very effective and productive use of time.

EU DORA Summit Conference and Expo

March 27th 2024 - 09:00-17:00
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The EU DORA Summit is a premier event focusing on the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), designed to bring together experts, compliance leaders, and innovators in the field. The summit features a program of presentations by leading authorities on DORA, providing attendees with deep insights into compliance strategies and regulatory developments. Participants will gain practical, actionable knowledge to implement robust digital operational resilience practices and explore cutting-edge compliance technologies. The event facilitates peer networking, allowing professionals to connect and share experiences to enhance their DORA compliance journey. More info here

Understanding DORA -  Webinar

March 6th 2024 - 11:00-12:00
Join Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet for a pivotal webinar aimed at demystifying the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) for ICT and Financial Sector professionals, serving as an ideal preparation for the EU DORA Summit on 27th March 2024. Led by Paul C Dwyer, a notable figure in cybersecurity and chair of the summit, this session promises to enrich participants with a deep understanding of DORA's educational mandates and the career opportunities it offers in the financial and ICT fields. Attendees will explore how DORA influences the ICT and financial sectors, its role in fortifying Europe's digital infrastructure, and the ways in which compliance can enhance professional development and career progression. The webinar will cover crucial topics such as risk management, cyber resilience principles, and provide a preview of the advantages of attending the upcoming EU DORA Summit, emphasising the intersection of technological innovation and regulatory compliance for professional growth.

DORA Clarion Call -  Webinar

Feb 15th 2024 - 14:30-15:30
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The "DORA Clarion Call" webinar offers a crucial insight into the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), a regulatory framework aimed at enhancing operational resilience in the financial sector. This concise 30-45 minute session not only outlines how organizations can actively engage with and influence the future of digital resilience but also highlights the strategic advantages of participating in the EU DORA Summit. Attendees will gain valuable insights into DORA's implications, participate in a live Q&A with experts, and learn about opportunities for leadership in cybersecurity, compliance, and legal services through DORA compliance. This webinar is an essential platform for organizations offering solutions to digital resilience challenges, providing them with a unique opportunity to join a community of leaders in shaping the future of financial security and operational excellence.

DORA DAY! - Webinar

Jan 27th 2024 - 11:30-12:30
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"DORA Day" is a crucial one-hour webinar occurring exactly one year before the DORA Regulation becomes effective, serving as an essential precursor to the EU DORA Summit. This event is designed not just as a webinar but as a strategic starting point for organisations to sprint towards DORA compliance. It offers a unique opportunity to understand the urgency of compliance within a year, gain strategic insights from industry leaders on navigating the compliance landscape, and engage in a collaborative environment with professionals ranging from compliance officers to CEOs. The session aims to prepare participants for the comprehensive discussions at the EU DORA Summit, highlighting key focus areas under DORA, exploring challenges and opportunities, and providing practical steps towards compliance, thus ensuring attendees leave with a clear understanding of the path to DORA readiness and the resources available to aid their journey.