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Paul C Dwyer
ICTTF - International Cyber Threat Task Force

DORA Certified Compliance Specialist Course

Bridging Innovation, Regulation and Security

"Educate, Explore, Engage and Excel: The Premier Summit for DORA Experts, Compliance Leaders and Innovators."
  • Expert-Led Insights: Gain exclusive access to a carefully curated program of presentations by leading DORA authorities, offering deep dives into compliance strategies and the latest regulatory developments.
  • Practical, Actionable Knowledge: Leave with a comprehensive understanding of the DORA framework, equipped with actionable takeaways to implement robust digital operational resilience practices within your organisation.
  • Tailored Solution Exploration: Discover cutting-edge compliance technologies and services in the DORA Expo Zone, and connect with top solution providers to address your specific compliance challenges.
  • Peer Networking: Engage with a dedicated community of financial sector professionals, fostering valuable connections and sharing experiences to enhance your own DORA compliance journey.


The DORA CoE (Centre of Excellence) Presents

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Providing DORA Training to the World's Leading Companies

DCCS Student Companies


Elevate Your Compliance Expertise at the EU DORA Summit

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) at the EU DORA Summit – where elite education converges with groundbreaking compliance solutions.
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Tailored Learning Tracks 

Delve into a meticulously structured syllabus designed to serve every tier of the financial sector – from boardroom 'Leaders and Strategy' architects to 'General Financial Service Staff'. Each session is categorised to optimise your learning path.

Insight from DORA Authorities 

Gain invaluable insights from a distinguished roster of speakers, including industry pioneers and representatives from leading solution providers in the DORA Expo Zone, all sharing their unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Interactive DORA Expo Zone

Navigate the latest DORA compliance solutions in our interactive Expo Zone. Engage with vendors and innovators who are shaping the future of financial services resilience.

Accredited Professional Development

Earn CPE/CPD credits as a testament to your commitment to continuous professional development, and leave the summit with a certificate to mark your advancement.

Hybrid Accessibility

Whether attending in person or connecting virtually, enjoy flexible access to our sessions. Live-streaming options allow you to join from anywhere, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

Post-Event Educational Resources

As a DCCS (DORA Certified Compliance Specialist) student, you'll receive exclusive access to session recordings post-event, further enriching your expertise and resource library.

Join the Vanguard of Financial Compliance
Reserve your seat at the EU DORA Summit to transform regulatory challenges into strategic opportunities, ensuring your place at the forefront of financial digital resilience.


Why Sponsor or Exhibit?

Join us as a sponsor or exhibitor at the EU DORA Summit and cement your position as a leader in the DORA compliance ecosystem. This is more than an event; it's where the future of financial resilience is shaped. Partner with us to make a lasting impression on the industry.

At the EU DORA Summit, we're creating a nexus where thought leadership meets business opportunities, and where the conversations that define the future of financial digital resilience take place.

As a sponsor or exhibitor at our summit, your brand will be positioned at the cutting edge of DORA compliance solutions, offering unrivalled exposure to a dedicated audience of financial sector professionals.

Strategic Brand Positioning

Elevate your brand by showcasing your commitment to supporting the financial sector's journey towards DORA compliance. Your logo and message will be prominently featured across summit materials and digital platforms, ensuring high visibility.

Thought Leadership Spotlight

Leverage the opportunity to share your insights and successes as part of our carefully curated programme. This is your stage to shine as an industry leader.

DORA Expo Zone Showcase

The DORA Expo Zone is more than just an exhibition space; it's a marketplace for the latest in compliance technology and services. Demonstrate your products or services directly to those who benefit from them most.

Targeted Business Interactions

Engage with over 500 delegates who are actively seeking solutions and expertise to navigate the DORA landscape. These are decision-makers, influencers, and key players in their respective organisations.

Premium Networking Opportunities

Build valuable relationships at the summit's networking events, designed to connect like-minded professionals and foster collaborative opportunities.

Long-term Visibility on Academy

Benefit from extended engagement beyond the summit. Your contribution as a key player will be highlighted in our post-event communications, including digital copies of photos and videos of your presentations to be included for all cyber risk academy students.

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EU DORA Summit Agenda


What You Will Learn

Key Topics

The high paced focussed curriculum will cover a vast array of DORA related topics. The requirements aspect of each topic in relation to DORA will be outlined and followed by real world practical advice and guidance on how to meet the regulatory requirement.

The syllabus has been designed to holistically over all areas of DORA and culminate in a combined strategic approach for organisation on how to implement DORA within their organisation. 

Various topics are supported with knowledge shared from industry leaders, experts and peers. 
Paul C Dwyer
Conference Chair

ICT/Cyber Risk Assessments

ICT Risk Assessments are a cornerstone of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), as they enable financial entities to identify, classify, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities within their ICT systems. This process is critical to ensuring the operational resilience of the financial sector against a wide array of cyber threats and to maintain the integrity and stability of financial services across the EU.
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Business Continuity

Business Continuity under DORA is essential for ensuring that financial entities can maintain critical functions without disruption, even in the face of ICT-related incidents. It mandates robust planning, testing, and management to uphold the resilience and stability of the EU financial market.
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ICT Risk Management 

ICT Risk Management is a critical component of DORA, ensuring that financial entities have robust strategies, policies, and tools to protect against ICT risks. It is integral to maintaining operational resilience and aligning with the Firm’s risk appetite, as mandated by Article 6 of DORA.
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ICT Incident Handling

ICT Incident Handling is a vital aspect of DORA, requiring financial entities to have structured and effective processes for detecting, managing, and mitigating ICT-related incidents. This ensures a swift and coordinated response to minimize impact on operations and maintain trust in the EU financial system.
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Digital Resilience Testing

Digital Resilience Testing under DORA is imperative for financial entities to validate the robustness of their ICT systems and ensure continuous service delivery. It encompasses rigorous assessments aligned with NIST and ISO standards to identify vulnerabilities and enhance the cyber resilience of the EU financial sector.
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Information Sharing

Information Sharing under DORA is a strategic measure for collective cyber defense, enabling financial entities to exchange cyber threat intelligence and best practices. It fosters a proactive cybersecurity culture, crucial for the resilience of the EU financial sector against evolving cyber threats.
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ICT Third Party Risk Management

ICT Third-Party Risk Management is a key aspect of DORA, requiring financial entities to monitor and manage risks from reliance on external ICT service providers. It ensures that the outsourcing of critical services does not compromise the operational resilience of the financial sector.
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Education within the context of DORA is crucial, as it equips the workforce of financial entities with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage ICT risks effectively. This continuous learning culture, mandated by Articles 5(4) and 13(6), is essential for informed decision-making and the strategic planning required to achieve and maintain digital operational resilience.
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Crisis Communications

The Firm has established crisis communication plans that are tested for scenarios including cyber-attacks and switchovers between primary ICT infrastructure and redundant capacities. These plans are in accordance with Article 14 of DORA and include protocols for responsible disclosure of major ICT-related incidents and vulnerabilities to clients, counterparts, and the public, as appropriate. The Firm also has communication policies for internal staff and external stakeholders, ensuring that those responsible for response and recovery are appropriately informed.
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Governance and Oversight

Governance and Oversight are fundamental to DORA as they ensure a robust framework for managing ICT risks and maintaining digital operational resilience within financial entities. This topic is critical as it delineates the responsibilities of the management body in establishing, approving, and overseeing the ICT risk management framework, which is essential for compliance with DORA’s regulatory requirements.
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Change Management

Change Management is a critical component of DORA compliance, ensuring that ICT system modifications do not compromise the operational resilience of financial entities. It requires a risk-based approach to record, test, approve, and monitor ICT changes, aligning with Article 9(4) to maintain the integrity and stability of financial services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Event Being Held?

Where is the Event Being Held?

The EU DORA Summit will take place on March 27th, 2024, at the prestigious Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin. Set in the heart of Dublin's city centre, the hotel offers a luxurious setting for our distinguished summit:

Venue Address: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin Golden Lane, Dublin 8, D08 VRR7, Ireland

For more details on the venue, please visit Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin.

Traveling to the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel:

By Air: Dublin Airport serves as the primary international gateway to the city. From the airport, you can take a taxi or an express bus service, which will bring you to the city centre.

By Public Transport: The hotel is accessible by Dublin's extensive public transport network, including buses and the Luas tram system. The closest Luas stops are Stephen’s Green and St. Patrick's Cathedral, both a short walk to the hotel.

By Car: If you're driving, the hotel offers secure underground parking for guests and delegates. We recommend using GPS for the most direct route.

Accommodation: As a summit delegate, you may be eligible for a discounted rate on your hotel booking. Please refer to your registration confirmation for details.

We look forward to welcoming you to a day of learning, networking, and insight at the EU DORA Summit.

How Do I claim my CPE/CPD Points?

Claiming your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points is a straightforward process designed to complement your learning experience at the EU DORA Summit.

Upon completion of the summit, please follow these steps to claim your points:
Access the Exam: Visit the Cyber Risk Academy section dedicated to the EU DORA Summit. You will find an online exam comprising Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) that correspond to each speaker's presentation and panel discussion.
Complete the Assessment: Take the time to complete the MCQs at your own pace. These questions are crafted to reflect the key points from the summit's sessions, ensuring you have effectively absorbed the valuable material presented.
Pass the Exam: Achieve the required pass mark to demonstrate your understanding of the content. This is your opportunity to consolidate your knowledge and showcase your learning.
Claim Your Points: Once you have passed the online exam, you will be eligible to claim your CPE/CPD points.

The Cyber Risk Academy will provide you with a certificate of completion which can be used to verify your educational credits.

Please note that there is no additional charge for accessing the exam and claiming your CPE/CPD points — it is included as part of your summit participation.

Should you require any assistance during this process, our dedicated support team at the Cyber Risk Academy is ready to help.

Who Will Attend?

The EU DORA Summit is set to be a convergence point for a diverse and dynamic group of professionals, all united by a common interest in mastering the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and enhancing their digital resilience strategies. Attendees will include:

  • Financial Sector Leaders: C-suite executives, board members, and senior decision-makers from across the EU, who have been instrumental in shaping the financial landscape at previous events.
  • Compliance and Risk Management Professionals: Expert practitioners with a proven track record of navigating complex regulatory environments, keen to exchange insights and best practices.
  • Technology Innovators and Solution Providers: Pioneers from previous summits who are at the forefront of compliance technology, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of the financial sector.
  • Operational and Technical Staff: The backbone of operational compliance, these professionals come seeking practical knowledge and skills to implement within their organisations.
  • Industry Thought Leaders: Respected voices who have previously captivated our audiences with forward-thinking perspectives and actionable intelligence.

We anticipate a robust attendance, reflecting the high calibre of participation seen at our previous events. With a history of drawing hundreds of delegates from across the EU, the summit offers a fertile ground for networking, learning, and collaboration.

Our past summits have consistently received positive feedback for their rich content and the quality of interactions, both of which we are committed to enhancing further this year.

For vendors and sponsors, this summit presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a targeted audience. The diverse profile of our delegates means you'll be able to connect not just with potential clients but also with potential partners and industry influencers.

Join us at the EU DORA Summit to be part of a premier event that shapes the future of financial compliance and operational resilience.

Is Lunch Included?

Yes, lunch is indeed included as part of your delegate experience at the EU DORA Summit. We take care to ensure that your day is not only enriching in terms of knowledge and networking but also in providing quality catering to keep you refreshed and focused throughout the event.

In addition to a delightful lunch, all attendees will enjoy a selection of refreshments during breaks. Expect an assortment of "goodies" to keep your energy levels up as you engage with the day's activities. Our aim is to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, providing a pleasant culinary experience.
Furthermore, as a registered delegate, you will receive an exclusive discount for future training courses available through the Cyber Risk Academy. This offer is designed to continue your educational journey beyond the summit, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of cyber risk and compliance at a more favourable rate.

Post Event Networking Opportunity
We also have a special 'Post Event Event' lined up – an evening of networking and socialising. This will be an opportunity for VIPs and specially invited delegates to unwind and connect in a more informal setting, fostering stronger professional relationships. Invitations to this exclusive gathering will be provided closer to the date of the summit.

How Do I Speak, Sponsor or Exhibit at the EU DORA Summit?

For those interested in speaking, sponsoring, or exhibiting at the EU DORA Summit, we welcome your enthusiasm and interest. Our Events Director, Rhonda Reihill, is your point of contact for all such inquiries.

To discuss the unique opportunities available and how you can contribute to the success of the summit, please reach out to Rhonda directly:
Email: rhonda@icttf.org
Office Number: +353-(0)19053263
Mobile Number: 087 7388990

Rhonda is available to guide you through the process and provide detailed information on the various packages and opportunities that align with your objectives. We encourage you to connect at your earliest convenience to secure your place at this premier event.

Event Disclaimer Notice - Agenda and Format

Things may Change:

Please note that the EU DORA Summit details, including but not limited to the agenda, format, and any other aspects of the event, are subject to change.

We reserve the right to make adjustments or alterations at any time, with or without prior notice, for any reason deemed necessary.

Our goal is to provide a seamless and impactful experience for all participants, and these changes will aim to enhance the event's value and relevance. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.