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Salt Communications is a secure, encrypted solution for sharing sensitive information across mobile and fixed line networks. But what it does is only half the story. How it benefits businesses, security services and governments is where our real value is found. We empower every exchange with the utter certainty of complete security. That means meetings over the network are as clear and private as those across the table.

With total confidence in our solutions, every business user has a new, powerful ally to help accelerate decision making, increase productivity and drive efficiency.

DORA (CoE) - Salt Comunications

As the DORA Compliance Deadline draws closer so to does your opportunity to deal with the challenges related to DORA compliance by attending the EU DORA Summit. There you will have the opportunity to not only partake in a full days training and gain CPD points BUT you will have the opportunity to engage with the worlds best DORA experts, innovators and solution providers at the DORA Expo Zone.

This DORA Centre of Excellence is comprised of the “best of the best” - you can ask questions, gain insights and see demonstrations of their solutions.

In this newsletter, we want to shine the “DORA Spotlight” on Salt Communications - let’s consider why Salt Communications are an integral part of your DORA Compliance Strategy:

Salt Communications plays a crucial role in relation to the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced ICT Security: DORA emphasises the importance of ensuring the security of network and information systems supporting the business processes of financial entities. A secure communications solution with advanced security and encryption directly contributes to this objective by safeguarding data during transmission, whether over mobile or desktop devices.

  2. Data Integrity and Confidentiality: DORA mandates maintaining high standards of availability, authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of data, whether at rest, in use, or in transit. Secure communications solutions ensure that data shared during meetings and conversations remains private and unaltered, thus upholding these standards.

  3. Risk Management: The act requires firms to employ ICT solutions and processes that minimise the risk of data corruption, loss, unauthorised access, and technical flaws that may hinder business activity. By utilising a trusted secure communications solution, firms can effectively mitigate these risks, contributing to a robust ICT risk management framework.

  4. Compliance with Article 4 of DORA: This article specifies that firms must use ICT solutions and processes that are appropriate to ensure the security of data transfer means. Secure communications solutions with advanced encryption meet this requirement by providing a reliable means to protect data during transfer.

  5. Operational Resilience: DORA aims to improve the digital operational resilience of organisations within the financial sector. Secure communications solutions contribute to this goal by ensuring that critical communications remain secure and uninterrupted, even in the face of cyber threats.

  6. Support for Remote and Hybrid Work Models: In the current landscape where remote and hybrid work models are prevalent, secure communications solutions enable organisations to maintain productivity and collaboration without compromising on security. This adaptability is essential for operational resilience as envisaged by DORA.

In summary, secure communications solutions like Salt, with their advanced security and encryption capabilities, are vital for organisations seeking to comply with DORA. They not only enhance ICT security and data integrity but also support operational resilience by enabling secure and efficient communication in today's increasingly digital and remote work environment.