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Strength comes from knowledge, so we have developed the Cyber Risk Academy as an online training campus for individuals and organizations to become cyber strong and unified.

"Your Life Long Journey of Cyber Learning Begins Here"

Our Partners 


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Dr Vince Hughes

Crime Stoppers International
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Jennifer O’Brien

Lead in Group Internal Audit
Bank of Ireland
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Stephen McCormack

Head of IT
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Audrey Barrett

Data Protection Officer
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John Concannon

Information Security Officer
Government Department
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Annick O'Brien

Chief Operating Offices

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James O'Shaughnessy

Data Protection Officer
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Gerard Lahiffe

Program Director
Cyber Security


"I would highly recommend the Certified Cyber Risk Officer course. It provides a good overview of the issues and risks associated with cyber security, without assuming a detailed technical knowledge. I have found the course to be very engaging, structured and well taught."

Richard Atterbury
Head of Cyber, Compliance Barclays Bank PLC
"I'm finding the course fascinating and really well paced, I was a bit concerned about fitting in the course around my role but with the lectures being online and recorded if you can't make the slot its ideal. Would recommend to anyone interested in a Cyber Risk role."

Simon Rafferty
Financial Crime Analyst MotoNovo Finance
"This is truly an excellent course. The content is well planned and executed, with continuous reinforcement of important themes and teaching methods.  The interaction with other students proved valuable on aspects of the course and in the broader cyber risk landscape."

Audrey Barrett
"I attended the course out of personal interest, without working in this particular area. It required some effort and dedication to get into the matter, but it was easily doable, due to the comprehensive course materials and the webinars. I learned a lot in this short amount of time."

Michel Schumacher
Senior Financial Crimes Compliance Manager - HSBC
"This is an outstanding course. The course is very good. Paul C Dwyer, the trainer is an engaging facilitator with excellent delivery. I immersed myself into it and enjoyed all of it. The diversity of models and case studies provided me with deeper and real world insight into the cyber security field."

CCRS Student
"A fascinating insight into cyber risk, this course was pitched at the perfect level for me and I've taken away many new pieces of information and a number of practical ways to implement them. The real life examples that accompanied the theory were really interesting too."

David Povey
CCRS Student
"I really enjoyed this 4 week bootcamp. It was super interesting content and very informative. It was great that it was all done online as it made it very accessible. It was very well delivered and not over technical. I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in this area."

Jenny O'Sullivan
CSBW Student
"I thought the CSBW was an excellent introduction to cyber security matters for non-technical people...this has provided me with the knowledge I needed to fulfill my responsibilities as a director and confidently contribute to the development of our cyber risk strategy."

Joanne Gill
CSBW Student