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CCRO Re-Certification exam

For Existing CCRO's

The Certified Cyber Risk Officer (CCRO) Recertification Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed for existing CCRO professionals. As the cyber landscape continuously evolves, so does the need for up-to-date skills and knowledge.

The recertification exam ensures that CCRO professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in cyber risk management, compliance, and best practices. This assessment not only validates existing competencies but introduces new, cutting-edge insights pertinent to today's rapidly changing digital environment.

What's Involved?

Step 1 - Enrol
Step 2 - 3 Hours of Revision Material (Video)
Step 3 - 60 MCQ Multiple Choice Questions

The recertification exam questions may extend beyond the original CCRO syllabus, reflecting the evolving nature of cyber risk management. As an open book exam, we encourage students to research and expand their learning, embracing the opportunity to explore beyond the strict syllabus and stay abreast of current industry trends.

Benefits of RE-Certifying

  • Stay Current: Validate and enhance your expertise by aligning with the latest trends, threats, and strategies in cybersecurity. Ensure your skills reflect the most recent developments in the field.
  • Boost Professional Credibility: Show your continued commitment to excellence. Recertification underscores your dedication to maintaining the highest standards in cyber risk management.
  • Career Advancement: Demonstrating continued proficiency and growth in the field can lead to new opportunities and career progression. Recertification can set you apart in a competitive job market.
  • Compliance Alignment: Stay aligned with current legal and regulatory requirements. Recertification helps you understand the latest legal landscapes and how they impact your organisation.
  • Community Engagement: Join a community of professionals who value continuous learning. Engage with peers, share knowledge, and contribute to the growth of the cyber risk management field.
  • Personal Growth: Investing in recertification reflects a personal commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.


- Pass Mark is 80% or higher
- 3 Exam Attempts
- 5 Days Access to Complete

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Dr Vince Hughes

Director Crime Stoppers International
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Audrey Barrett

Data Protection Officer SIPTU

Course Reviews

"I'm finding the course fascinating and really well paced, I was a bit concerned about fitting in the course around my role but with the lectures being online and recorded if you can't make the slot its ideal. Would recommend to anyone interested in a Cyber Risk role."
Michel Schumacher
Senior Financial Crimes Compliance Manager - HSBC
"I would highly recommend the Certified Cyber Risk Officer course. It provides a good overview of the issues and risks associated with cyber security, without assuming a detailed technical knowledge. I have found the course to be very engaging, structured and well taught."
Richard Atterbury
Head of Compliance Cyber Security  -Barclays Bank PLC