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"The management body of the Firm acknowledges and accepts the ultimate responsibility for managing the Firm's ICT risk." Article 5(2) of DORA

"Members of the management body are required to regularly update their knowledge and skills regarding ICT risk." Article 5(4) of DORA

"I would highly recommend the Certified Cyber Risk Officer course. It provides a good overview of the issues and risks associated with cyber security, without assuming a detailed technical knowledge. I have found the course to be very engaging, structured and well taught. Richard Atterbury, Head of Cyber, Compliance, Barclays Bank 
"The sessions were easy to understand and follow. Paul Dwyer's ways of explaining things and how we can relate them to our own organizations made it even interesting as we live through the cases mentioned or were able to provide ideas to incorporate into our business.Aminta Garcia, Vice President Special Services, First Republic Bank

Why Your Management Board Needs This Training

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the digital operational resilience of your organization is not just a strategic advantage—it's a legal requirement.

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) mandates that members of the management body in financial entities must regularly update their knowledge and skills regarding ICT risk management. This is crucial for making informed decisions that align with your organization's operational resilience objectives.

Invest in your leadership's expertise and ensure your organization not only complies with DORA but thrives in the face of digital challenges. 
 Legal Compliance: Article 5(4) of DORA explicitly requires that "Members of the management body are required to regularly update their knowledge and skills regarding ICT risk." This continuous education is essential to meet regulatory standards and avoid potential non-compliance penalties.

 Enhanced Decision-Making: Equip your leadership with the latest insights and best practices in ICT risk management, enabling them to make informed, strategic decisions that bolster your organization's resilience against cyber threats.

 Proactive Risk Management: Stay ahead of emerging ICT risks by ensuring your management board is well-versed in the latest developments and regulatory requirements, fostering a proactive approach to risk management.

 Organizational Resilience: Strengthen your organization's overall digital operational resilience by embedding a culture of continuous learning and adaptation at the highest levels of leadership.


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Flexible Training Models

Board Briefings

Tailored sessions designed to provide high-level overviews and strategic insights for board members.

Structured On Demand Training

Self-paced modules that allow your team to learn at their convenience.

Hybrid On-Demand with Live Sessions

A blend of self-paced learning and interactive live sessions for a comprehensive training experience.