All the support you require for your educational and career journey with DORA Compliance. 

Your Personal DORA Support Program

Welcome to the DORA Compliance Subscription, a specialised program designed to equip professionals with comprehensive knowledge, skills, tools and support in Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) compliance and cyber risk management.
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DCCS Certification

DCCS Course

Full Access to the DCCS DORA Certified Compliance Specialist Course and Exam. Become a qualified specialist in DORA Compliance. Industry recognised qualification. Comprehensive course covering the Why, What and How of DORA Compliance. 

CCRS Course

Full Access to the CCRS Certified Cyber Risk Specialist Course and Exam. This course provides a holistic grounding and introduction to the concepts involved in managing cyber risk in a financial entity. Business level non technical education. 

NCSE Course

Full Access to the NCSE NIST Cyber Security Expert Course and Exam. This non technical business level curriculum covers the NIST CSF Cyber Security Framework. You will learn the intricacies, benefits and gain an understanding of why this framework is used by over 90% of the financial sector. Learn how to assess, implement and operationalise the framework and align with DORA requirements. 

DORA Workshops

Access to the monthly online DORA workshops covering the latest DORA developments, clarifications and interactive Q&A with experts and peer group. Sessions are also available on demand. 

Live Training

Join our monthly specialist online workshops. We cover the latest updates in relation to DORA and deep dive on related specialist topics. Fully interactive Q&A sessions and an opportunity to broaden horizons with access to guest expert speakers. 


Access the DORAGPT AI tool, described as the "Swiss Army Knife of DORA Compliance" this innovative solution is the biggest source of DORA knowledge on the planet. DORAGPT receives the latest updates on DORA compliance from credible sources such as the ESA's. 


Subscription students are eligible for significant discounts and upgrades on our live in person training events and courses. This includes prestigious events such as the EU DORA Summit and DORA Community Events

DORA DAY! Webinar

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