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Urgency and Importance of DORA Compliance

As we mark one year until the DORA Regulation goes live, "DORA Day" offers a critical understanding of the urgency and implications for your organisation. This one-hour webinar is not just informational; it's the starting line for your strategic sprint towards full compliance. Understand the timeline and the substantial impact of the regulation to ensure you're not left behind in the rapidly approaching deadline.

Gain Strategic Insights from Industry Leaders

"DORA Day" brings together industry experts and innovators who are at the forefront of DORA compliance. This session provides a unique opportunity to hear firsthand the strategies and insights from those leading the charge. Discover how you can strategically navigate the compliance landscape, adapting their successful approaches to fit your organisation's specific needs.

Whether you're well underway in your compliance efforts or just starting, "DORA Day!" is your opportunity to align your strategies with the best in the field. 

Register now to secure your spot in this pivotal event and take a significant step towards turning compliance into an advantage.
DORA Day Webinar
Remember to join us for this pivotal event. Register now to secure your spot and take a significant step towards turning compliance into a competitive advantage for your organisation.

Foster Collaboration and Share Best Practices

This webinar is a melting pot of professionals, including compliance officers, IT leaders, CEOs, and policymakers. It's a collaborative environment where you can share challenges, solutions, and best practices. Engage in discussions that will broaden your perspective and provide innovative approaches to compliance, ensuring you're not just meeting the standards but excelling.

Set the Stage for the EU DORA Summit

"DORA Day" is not only about immediate insights; it also serves as the foundation for the comprehensive discussions and learning opportunities at the upcoming EU DORA Summit. Get a sneak peek into the extensive content and networking opportunities the summit will offer. This session will ensure you're well-prepared to make the most of the summit, with a clear understanding of the roadmap to DORA readiness and the resources available to support your journey.