Dec 5 / Paul C Dwyer

Navigating DORA Training Requirements: Empowering the Financial Sector

Navigating DORA Training Requirements: Empowering the Financial Sector

Dec 5 / Paul C Dwyer

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) has introduced a paradigm shift in how financial entities approach ICT risks. A critical component of this regulatory framework is the comprehensive training requirements outlined in various sections of the Act.

Understanding the Training Landscape Under DORA

1. Governance and Organisation (Article 5): DORA mandates a dedicated budget for digital operational resilience, covering ICT security awareness programmes and resilience training (Art. 5(g)). This ensures that financial entities remain equipped and responsive to evolving cyber threats.

2. Management’s Role (Art. 5(4)): Members of the management body are required to regularly update their knowledge and skills regarding ICT risk (Art. 5(4)). This continuous education helps in making informed decisions that align with the entity's operational resilience objectives.

3. Staff Training Schemes (Article 13(6)): DORA calls for compulsory ICT security awareness programmes and resilience training within staff training schemes. It highlights the need for these programmes to match the complexity of employees' roles and extends to senior management (Art. 13(6)).

4. Post-Incident Learning (Article 16(h)): Following incidents, financial entities should integrate operational conclusions into the ICT risk assessment process, developing awareness programmes and training tailored to the risk profile (Art. 16(h)).

5. Inclusion of Third-Party Providers (Article 30(i)): The Act extends training requirements to ICT third-party service providers, ensuring they participate in the entity's ICT security awareness and resilience training (Art. 30(i)).

These sections collectively underscore the importance of a well-informed workforce capable of contributing to the firm's digital operational resilience.

ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy:
Your Partner in DORA Compliance

At the ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy, we understand the intricacies of DORA and the pivotal role training plays in compliance.

Our offerings include:

- DORA Certified Compliance Specialist (DCCS) Course:

A comprehensive learning pathway to become a DORA Compliance Officer.

- Executive Training: Tailored modules for board and senior management, providing deep insights into the regulation and its implications.

- Customised Programmes: Training solutions that cater to the entire range of staff, stakeholders, and suppliers, ensuring a holistic understanding of DORA.

Our expert-led courses are designed to not only meet but exceed DORA's training requirements, equipping your organisation with the knowledge to thrive in a resilient digital ecosystem.

To learn more about how the ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy can help your financial entity align with DORA, reach out to us.
Why Learn at ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy?

At ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy, we believe in a learning experience that transcends traditional academic boundaries. Here's why our approach stands out:

Practical Insights:
While academic courses often focus on theories, our emphasis is on real-world scenarios. Learning from seasoned professionals provides invaluable insights into the 'what,' 'how,' and 'why' of safeguarding organizations.

Current Knowledge:
In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, we understand the importance of staying ahead. Our courses are led by professionals actively engaged in the field, ensuring that students receive the latest knowledge and trends, bridging gaps present in static academic curricula.

Customized Risk Management Frameworks:
Recognizing that every organization faces unique challenges, our courses draw from a wealth of practical experience. In crafting frameworks for cyber compliance and risk management across various sectors, we offer tailored strategies not easily accessible through traditional academic routes.

Immediate Application:
Our commitment goes beyond theoretical teaching. We empower students to promptly implement their newfound knowledge - a crucial aspect in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. This immediate application ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for the challenges they'll face in the field.

Networking Opportunities:
Learning under industry experts is not just about knowledge transfer; it's about opening doors for networking with active professionals. Our courses create avenues for career development and collaborative opportunities, providing a holistic approach to professional growth.

Join us at ICTTF Cyber Risk Academy for an educational journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Experience a blend of practical insights, current knowledge, customized frameworks, immediate application, and networking opportunities. Elevate your cybersecurity education with us.

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Paul C Dwyer is the ICTTF President, recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts on cyber security, risk and privacy.
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