Top 5 Cyber Security Myths

Cyber security has become flavor of the month, the year and the decade! With more and more companies experiencing cyber attacks, it’s important that we can see the wood from the trees and dispel any security myths that are out there!
Speaking to many clients, I often find there are a number of myths that need to be addressed.
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Here are my top 5 cyber security myths:

Myth 1: Security is the responsibility of the IT team
Cyber Security has moved from the server-room and into the boardroom because cyber-attacks are increasingly impacting much more than technology - they can impact brand, reputation and customer trust. Every one of us has a responsibility to contribute to keeping data safe and secure - not just the IT team!

Myth 2: We are not a target for attacks because we are a very small company
Cyber-attacks on SMEs have increased massively over the past 5 years. Small businesses can be a treasure trove for hackers and cyber criminals. In fact, many SMEs have closed down business within 6 months of a major cyber-attack. Size does not matter for a hacker!

Myth 3: We have the best tech and tools and therefore we know we are secure
Some of the most well-known cyber-attacks to date were targeted at organisations that had the best tools and technology! Cyber Security is as much about people and culture as it is about technology!

Myth 4: Our staff understand the nature of cyber threats because they completed the annual training course
A cyber resilient organisation is one that places emphasis on changing mindsets and culture.

Remember, Culture = Values + Behavior

Yes, the annual training is a plus, though it can sometimes be seen as a tick-box exercise which has very limited impact on people's behavior and mindsets.

Myth 5: Cyber attacks only impact banks and financial services companies
Every sector is now a target of a cyber attack. Whether you are bank, a provider of energy services or even a charity.
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Haroon Malik is an experienced Security Executive and Advisor with over 15 years building security strategies and solutions in response to cyber security threats.
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